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Online EMI Calculator for Personal Loan

With a Personal Loan EMI calculator, you can easily calculate your monthly EMI online and plan your loan effectively.

Use Loan free india Personal Loan calculator below to enter the amount you need to borrow, the interest rate and the tenure to instantly calculate your EMI and even the breakdown of your installments.


Total Interest Payable :


Total of Payments (Principal + Interest) :


How to calculate personal loan EMI?

It is great to calculate your EMI before applying for a Personal Loan. It can help you know an exact EMI amount that you will pay over the desired loan amount.

You can use the Personal Loan EMI Calculator at the Bajaj Finserv to know the same. You can select the loan amount, tenure and rate of interest to get the exact payable EMI amount.

How to reduce your personal loan EMI?

EMI may affect your monthly expenses until you repay it. Some simple steps that can help you reduce the loan EMI and manage outlays easily are:

  • Opt for a longer repayment tenure – It will help you spread the loan cost over a longer duration and help you pay in small install
  • Negotiate with the loan provider for a lower rate of interest
  • Maintain a strong CIBIL score to enjoy lower interest rates and reduced EMIs
  • Shop around for the best deals as per your needs and repaying capacity
What are the factors that affect personal loan EMI?
Following factors affect personal loan EMIs –
  • Loan amount – Monthly instalments payable are directly proportional to the loan amount opted for. The higher the loan availed, the higher will be your EMIs.
  • Applicable rate of interest – Interest rate is a percentage at which lenders charge interest on the loan amount. A higher interest rate increases the EMIs and vice versa.
  • Tenor – It is the repayment period for the loan availed and is inversely related to EMIs. A longer tenor reduces monthly instalments while a shorter tenor increases them.


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